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Miniature Cottage Clock

Item # 1013 

Here's a unique piece.  It's much smaller than your typical cottage clock.  The label is in pretty good shape and it features a eagle with what I believe to be an olive branch and some arrows.  It also has a banner with the motto E. PLURIBUS UNUM.  Ok.. any history buffs out there???  E. PLURIBUS UNUM is the motto of the great seal of the United States.  It comes originally from a Latin poem meaning "out of many, one."  The motto was selected in 1776 and refers to the formation of one nation from many colonies.... and if you have a look, you'll find that it also appears on every U.S. coin.  Now isn't that kinda cool?

The clock measures approx 9" in height and 6 1/2" in width.  The door opens to reveal a nice fancy brass bob.  We've thrown in a picture of the clock along side a typical OG so you get a sense of it's size.  Time only and in good working order... Oh.. and the OG is available too if you're interested.






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