Pequegnat "Beaver"

1st Issue

The Beaver is widely considered by collectors to be the most attactive of all the wall clocks ever made by the Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company.  Cased in either Golden Oak or Mahogany finish.  The top of the clock has an attractive hand carved Beaver.  The clock was advertised as having an 8 day polished double strike movement and tuned rods.  The dial was porcelain and arabic.  One interesting observation regarding the Beaver dial is the fast/slow indicator found between the winding arbors.  Although this is original, there is no adjustment mechanism found behind the dial.  The beat was adjusted in the typical manner with a rating nut to raise or lower the pendulum.  This example has an excellent Berlin label.  This model is consider rare.

Size: 35 1/4" High x 14" Wide