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TIME (Pun Intended) does not permit us to service all the watches that cross our path.  We have thus created this page with you in mind... the entrepreneur who can buy them, service them, and then resell them and make a few bucks... or perhaps you are a budding watchmaker and in that case these will make excellent projects for your particular learning curve.  We have taken a quick look at them, and while our intention is to give you a rough idea of what the problems might be, this is not in any way to be construed as a complete estimate of their issues..... therefore keep in mind there might very well be other issues, and all watches are sold as found... WYSIWYG!

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Here's a decent looking 16 size Waltham.  Porcelain dial with sunken seconds bit and red 60 minute outer track.  The dial has a small fix at the outer edge near the 11.  Watch runs for a while and stops.

$39.00 + shipping.

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Nice Watch!  A 16S American Waltham.  Nice 24 hour porcelain dial with sunken seconds bit. Dial has some hairlines, but not too bad.  Still shows well.  Case is nice. A bit of brassing.  Movement looks pretty clean.. the balance appears to be good, but the watch winds and winds and winds... probably needs a spring.

$44.00 + shipping.

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#WW-9808  TISSOT Automatic

Cool looking 17 Jewel TISSOT automatic.  Case shows wear.  Not running.  approx 41mm x 31mm.

$12.00 + shipping.

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#WW-9807  Swiss NORBEE

Here's a good looking watch.  Even has a nice heavy leather band.  Not running.  Measures approx 39mm x 32mm.

$12.00 + shipping.

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Nice Wittnauer tank.  Dial is a bit tough.  17 Jewel movement.. seems to wind but doesn't run.  Measures approx38mm x 24mm.

$14.00 + shipping.

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#WW-9805  Deco Styling BULOVA

Here's a cool looking Deco Bulova.  15 Jewel calibre 10AE movement, not running.  Love the case style.  approx. 41mm x 26mm

$19.00 + shipping.

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#PW-9913  TAVANNES - Nice Movement

Just a really nice 15 Jewel Tavannes Watch Co. Adjusted to 4 Positions.  US Pat 24 May 1904.  A strong running crisp movement.  Appears to be about a 16 size.  Nice raised gold numerals on the dial.  Case shows alot of brassing. 

$29.00 + shipping.

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#WW-9802  Swiss FALCA

Here's an interesting Falca with sweep second hand.  17 J.  Slimline styled case.  Watch appears to run, but won't set.  Case has wear. 

$9.00 + shipping.

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Another great piece to clean up with a Minty Dial.  Strong running movement serial # 18409025.  Super porcelain dial with a sunken seconds bit and 24 hour inner track.  Basically Mint, with no chips or cracks.  Gold filled case shows some brassing

$59.00 + shipping.

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#WW-9803  BRUNER - Cool Lugs

Here's a really cool Bruner with fancy hidden lugs.  The dial is almost Mint.  Case shows some brassing.  The movement is 17J and adjusted to 2 positions.  Intact but wound tight.

$16.00 + shipping.

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#PW-9920  7 Jewel WALTHAM

18S Waltham 7 Jewel.  Running.  Minty dial.  Serial Number 19360140.  Considerable brassing on the back.

$49.00 + shipping.

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#PW-9914  15 Jewel WALTHAM

This will be a cool piece when your done giving it a bit of TLC.  A 15 Jewel Waltham with a good balance .  Serial # 13193010.  The case is decent with a bit of brassing.  The dial is showing a hairline has an inner 24hr track and sunken seconds bit.

$49.00 + shipping.

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