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"He who has done his best for his own time has lived for all times."
~Johann von Schiller


Generally, we ship by Canada Post.  Depending upon what you're purchasing, different options exist.  We ensure that your item is packed appropriately for delivery.  Things seem to be changing all the time.  Delivery costs and options are different depending upon where you live.  Be assured that we try to provide a balance between cost, time for delivery, and safety.  If you need your package immediately, let us know... but be prepared to pay a higher cost.

We try to ship twice a week, but remember, we're not a large corporation with a staff of support people.  We do our best to pack and ship in a timely fashion, but delays do come up from time to time.  We ask you to be patient with your shipment.  Shipping to another country is straight forward, but is not as quick as domestic delivery.

Typical Shipping Options Include:


Generally used for most packages to the United States that weigh more than 1kg.  Usually clocks and heavier parts.   We have also found this to be a good option for sending lighter items where insurance and traceability is important.  This is usually a few dollars less than Express.



Generally used for most watch and some parts orders.  Express Post is a few dollars more but includes Insurance, is a bit faster, and it's traceable.   It's one of our preferences for watches.


Ground and Air Services

Basic Postal service is available for those people not wishing to pay the extra few dollars for Express  or Expedited.  There is no insurance and it is not traceable.  We do not accept responsibility for this option.  It's fine for most items, but we suggest for more expensive purchases, you choose a traceable option.  Ground and Air are not traceable so you take your chances.


Other Delivery Options:

In some cases, mailing is not an option.  Large clocks may not be shippable.  In those cases, other options are possible, including personal delivery to a number of border points. 

Courier and similar options exist.  They are typically more costly.  Talk to us if you require this type of service. 


Shipping Note: Please be patient with your shipment from Canada.  We've had a item or two show up late, but never had one go astray yet.  We guarantee your item will arrive.  Be reasonable though.  The Post Office usually quotes 10-15 business days on normal shipments.