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As a young lad, I recall my father obtaining a Pequegnat "Grecian" from the Estate of my Great Uncle Ken Smith.  The clock sat proudly upon our fireplace mantle in the same manner as I imagined it did in the home of my father's Uncle.   This was my first introduction to a unique piece of Canadian History.. 

It's these early memories which I feel helped to drive my interests in Horology, and ultimately  motivated me to learn and share all I can within this fascinating hobby.  It is my intention to dedicate an area of our Website to the furtherance of understanding, and gathering information specifically related to Clocks of Canadian Origin.  I hope to be able to assemble a collection of data for all to use, while showcasing our collection.   

Please feel free to email me with your Comments, your Questions, or Especially anything you feel is Related that can be added to enhance what I hope can be a resource for all of us interested in learning more about a time that has past us, but is not forgotten.